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This page is for the purpose of presenting any items which may be of interest to Masons in general.  Things educational, interesting or just plane fun.  You are welcome to contribute an item or picture for consideration.  All items will be submitted to the Master, and if necessary, the Grand Lodge of California, for approval for presentation on the website.  If it is determined that your submission is not to be used, neither the Master nor the webmaster need furnish any reason that the item or article was not placed on the website. 

You are encouraged to submit items to help our website grow, and to offer inspirational, educational and items of interest to the Masonic fraternity and to non-Mason who visit our site.  You may submit articles or pictures by emailing us at:  Masonic 574.

Masons at the battle of Gettysburg (2-16-18)

Masons Pearl Harbor connection (2-16-18)

A stroll through the seven liberal arts and sciences (2-16-18)

A great offering from Chinnsamy Ganesan of Chinnai, India (12-29-17)

Two beautiful and meaningful orations from Brother Richard Reese for all Masons  (11-15-17)

And, even  more very interesting Masonic trivia  (1-19-17)

Duke Ellington, Mason - I'm Beginning to See The Light  (11-8-16)

The Square  (10-18-16)

George Washington / Layafette Masonic Aprin is in West Virginia  (7-18-16) 

Brother Wolfgang Amadeur Mozart  (6-17-16)

What is Esotericism?  (5-29-16)

The first, second and third Grand Masters of Masons  (1-17-16)

Questions that provide insight into Freemasonry  (10-25-15)

Still more very interesting Masonic trivia  (1-21-15)

The Master Mason - Manly P. Hall  (11-16-14)

The Lambskin Apron poem  (11-16-14)

More quite interesting Masonic trivia  (4-2-14)

Masonic symbols quiz - test your knowledge of your craft  (12-4-13)

Biblical account of the building of King Solomon's Temple  (3-5-13)

Another major list of famous/noted Masons in our history (2-10-13)

Explanation of Masonice dates, A.L. etc.  (1-23-13)

Tribute to Brother Danny Thomas. (1-23-13)

Masonic symbolism in the rescue of 33 miners. (1-18-13)

On Yonder Book... The beautiful Oklahoma 3rd degree Charge.

A look back in time with the January 1947 Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge Bulletin (Trestleboard)

Proof of Euclid's 47th Proposition  (2-7-12)

Is the proper spelling: Tyler or Tiler?  (1-24-12)

Links to the Grand Lodges of all the United States (1-23-12)

A truly amazing Masonic Watch (8-26-11)

The Masonic Apron of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (6-30-11)

Volumes of the Sacred Law - in various religions and lodges (5-20-11)

Ferndale, WA Lodge #264 - pictures from Bro. Jim Williams (12-30-10)

A visit to the Grand Lodge of Iowa in Cedar Rapids, IA  (10-27-10)

Gates of the Gibraltar Masonic Institute (inside pictures soon, I hope)  8-16-10

Brothers visit the ghost town of Masonic, CA  (7-30-10)

Founding Fathers who were Freemasons  (4-4-10)

Hiram (4-4-10)

Masonic "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Quiz

Pictures of other lodges

Confederate Masons Cemetery  (added 9-6-09)

The Alamo and its Masons

Masons in Our History

The application for degrees of a war hero

Interesting Masonic trivia

Origin of the word Freemasons

Collection of Masonic Tracing Boards

Rods and Staffs use in other States