Brethren.  From our website, I was contacted by Worshipful Brother Chinnsamy Ganesan of Lodge Accountants No. 194 in Chennai, India.  He was looking at the trivia portion of the website and had a question, so he emailed me.  I am thrilled that even though the flags show that we have had visitors from all the U.S. States and 97 other countries, Worshipful Brother Ganesan took the time to contact me about our site.  I now include him on our monthly emailing of the Trestleboard.  I had also asked him if he might have something that I could put on the website.  He then graciously sent me a copy of their newsletter.  He sent the newsletter commemorating 2007, the year that he was installed as Master of Lodge Accountants No. 194.  It shows his installation and it also shows the many charitable events that their lodge is a part of.

Pictures of Worshipful Brother Ganesan are below.
The picture of him in his Master's regalia is a bit blurry, but was enlarged from a group picture.

To read the very interesting newsletter click here for the pdf file.


Thank you Worshipful Brother Ganesan