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The Working Tools

This traditional Masonic painting reminds us that by using the philosophic "working tools" in our lives we will become better citizens, businessmen, neighbors, husbands, and fathers.

The Beehive is an emblem of industry. It reminds us that we should be ever industrious...never contented while those around us are in want.

Welcome to the Freemasonry of tomorrow, today!

Lodge Vision

S.W. Hackett Lodge in San Diego is a small band of diverse and vibrant brothers
that strives to weave a tapestry of tradition and ceremony that provides each of our members a rich Masonic experience. As member's of the world’s oldest Fraternity, the Brothers of S.W. Hackett Lodge view its inheritance of ritual, community service, and philosophy as a sacred trust. As a lodge we seek only to grow stronger; not necessarily larger.

Masonic Education

The quest for understanding is a cornerstone of the Craft. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, and Mozart are just a few examples of Masons who have sought understanding and contributed the weight of their intellect to the fraternity. Our lodge considers it a duty to carry on their quest for light.


American Lodges have traditionally taken the lead in societal support. From the foundation of public education and libraries to the establishment of children’s hospitals; every Masonic body does what it can to serve its community and advance the goal of equality of opportunity for Americans of all ethnicities, faiths, and socio-economic backgrounds.

S.W. Hackett Lodge maintains a well-established and recognized relationship with the San Diego City Public Schools. Our partnership has enabled us to direct our financial assistance and physical labors where it can have the greatest impact. The lodge has also actively supported statewide initiatives to increase child safety through the Child Identification Program, to fund professional training to teachers of at risk students, keep sibling groups together in the foster care system, and care for our elderly Brothers and their interests.


In today’s mobile, fast paced society, parents work long hours and quality time together is invaluable. It is an investment in our families to join an organization that understands the importance of family. It is not the intention of this lodge to offer an either or proposition to our membership. FAMILY COMES FIRST. We could not fulfill our pledge to tend our Brothers’ needs if we neglected his family.

We encourage our Brothers to bring the whole family to our stated meeting dinners. It is a catered family night out. Our wives can relax and the kids are free to be kids. We host a monthly "Daddy & Me" outing, a family picnic, weekend camping trips, and a Children’s Holiday party each year.


S.W. Hackett features a diverse group of men that transcend ethnic, religious, generational, and economic divisions to unite in the beliefs advanced by the lodge. The World War II veteran and the surfer attend lodge confident that their values, beliefs, and opinions are respected and depart richer for the time spent together.

Our Brothers take pride in the work of their lodge. We focus on ritual, study philosophy and symbolism, actively serve our community, and are always willing to go out of their way to help a Brother or his family in need. No Mason is ever alone when he travels through life. As members of the worldwide community of Masons, S.W. Hackett’s brothers appreciate the ability to visit lodges around the world finding in them the same principles and sense of community he finds in his lodge room in San Diego.

S. W. Hackett Lodge is led by a dedicated line of officers, committee chairs, and committeemen who take pride in service. They take seriously the stewardship of their brother’s interests and work diligently in the community to advance our belief that every American child deserves equality of opportunity. They welcome and tend the needs of our families and ensure the brothers can rejoice in warm fellowship and the pursuit of Masonic light.

Our Lodge draws equally from the life experiences of its diverse membership to challenge traditional organizational paradigms. Leadership is not the contribution of inordinate amounts of time or money it is perspective. We recognize and value equally the opinion of the janitor and the professor; the single military man serving his country, and the married father of three teaching in the classroom.

Opportunities exist for you to make a difference at S.W. Hackett. You may offer new perspective, volunteer to help install shelves at a school, serve as a committeeman, lead a community outreach project, or offer to serve in our line of officers.