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The letters of the English word GOD are the first three letters of Hebrew words for beauty, strength, and wisdom. G in Gomez, 0 in Oz, D in Dabar.

In Hammer v. State, 173 Indiana, 199 (1909), the Supreme Court ruled that it was a criminal offense to wear the emblem of any society or organization of which one is not a member. The court based its decision on the fact that the membership in such societies is the result of fitness and selection and that the wearing of such emblems by non-members is a deceit and false pretense.

Francis Stephens, the Duke of Lorraine, received the first two Masonic degrees in 1731 in a special Lodge convened at The Hague, Holland, becoming the first known royal freemason. Later he received the third degree in England. In 1735 he renounced his title.

Dr. Edward Jenner, in 1789 discovered the vaccination process against smallpox. He was Worshipful Master of Faith and Friendship Lodge #270 in Berkeley, England at the time.

USA General Thomas Benton, also Grand Master of Iowa, ordered federal troops to protect Albert Pike's home and prevent the library from being burned, when his troops took Little Rock, Arkansas.

When Mussolini gamed control of Italy, Masonic Lodges were declared illegal and the Grand Master was arrested, tried, and imprisoned, where he died.

In Fascist Spain under Franco, it was a crime to be a Freemason. Masons convicted had to serve prison terms equal in years to the number of Masonic degrees possessed. Master Mason = 3 years.

Winnedumah Lodge #287 of Bishop, California holds its meetings at 270 feet below sea level, the lowest lodge in North America.

Chicago, Illinois has three American Legion Posts whose memberships are entirely Masonic.

In 1954 Martin's Station Lodge No. 188 of Virginia was opened 952 feet below the surface of Cumberland Mountain in Cudjo's Cave, which lies between Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and Middleburo, Kentucky. 345 Masons were present and a MM degree was conferred.