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Reprinted with the gracious permission of Bro. Paul Bessel, PM, past Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Washington DC.  http://bessel.org

Volumes of the Sacred Law
Books held Holy by one or more religions, or

Books other than Volumes of the Sacred Law that are placed on the altar in some Masonic Lodges

Ahiman Rezon - Anderson's Constitutions

The Book of Certitude - Bahai'ism

The Tripitaka - Buddhism - Hinayana

The Pure Land Sutras - Buddhism - Mahayana, Pure Land, all sects

Koans & Mondos collection - Buddhism - Dhyana/Chan/Zen

The Lotus Sutra - Buddhism - Tien-Tai/Tendai

The Shingon Sutras - Buddhism - Chen Yen/Shingon/Nichiren, Soka Gakkai

The Kanjur - Buddhism - Vajrayana

Roman Canon - Christianity - Roman Catholic

The King James Bible - Christianity - Protestant

Orthodox Canon - Christianity - Eastern Orthodox, Coptic

Ethiopic Canon - Christianity - Ethiopian

Nestorian Canon - Christianity - Nestorian

The Book of Mormon - Christianity - Latter Day Saints

The Analects - Confucianism

Unspecified Gnostic Text

The Vedas - Hinduism - Sad-Darshana, Shaiva, Shakti, Arya Samaj

The Upanishads - Hinduism - Vedanta, all sects

The Bhagavad Gita - Hinduism - Rama Krishna Mission, Hare Krishna International

The Qur'an - Islam

The Shatkhand Agam - Jainism - Digambara

The Upang Agam - Jainism - Shvetambara

The Tanakh - Judaism

The Pentateuch - Judaism - Samaritan Judaism

The Kojiki - Shinto

The Granth - Sikhism

Tao-te-Ching - Taoism

The Zend-Avesta NAVZAR - Zoroastrianism