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Courtesy of W.Bro. Ray Robinson
Mullewa Day Lodge No. 105
The Grand Lodge of Western Australia


1st Degree, England 1819

1st Degree Emulation, UGLE

1st Degree Zetland Lodge

2nd Degree, England 1819

2nd Degree Emulation, UGLE

2nd Degree Zetland Lodge

3rd Degree, England 1780

3rd Degree Emulation, UGLE

3rd Degree Zetland Lodge

Wool 1900 South Bend Indianna
in Walkerton Lodge No 619

Geraldton W.Australian Lodge No.3

Made of wool and designed by Charles Moore

Union Lodge Boston Mas.date 1796

Engraved by John Cole,1801

Fellowcraft, England 1801

Lodge of Union No.129 Kendal,1772

French lambskin Tb

From American Culture of FM by J.Hamilton

Harris Tb, 1820.
Dongara Lodge W.Australia.

by John R. Penniman .
Boston Mass painted 1821


Phoenix Temple of Honor,1870

The Loyal Orange Order

The Loyal Orange Order

By J.Harris submitted
to the Supreme Council
and rejected because the details
were covered in the ritual.

Austrian Tb

Dongara Lodge Western Australia

German floor cloth

Lodge "zur Einigkeit"
n░388 ,1742

Woven carpet, USA

Ancient Tb, Germany 1770

Coll.Biblioteche Nat.Franšaise

Mark Master Mason, England

Mark Master Mason, EC

Royal Ark Mariner

Holy Royal Arch, England

1st Degree Emulation

2nd Degree Emulation

3rd Degree Emulation

Travelling Lodge Tb
Army Regiment
G.L. of Ireland