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Master, Steven Laurvick

Master Laurvick with his Mom and Daughter





Dennis Stahr, SW and his wife





Wor. JR Knight, JW and his son







Wor. John Gamache, PM,
Secretary with his wife








Wor. Ronald Detzer, PM,
Chaplain with his wife




Wor. Jim Achenbach, PM, Treasurer













 Bro. James Williams, Senior Deacon






























Bro. Ryan Bacaoco, Senior Steward


Bro. Michael Bryant, Junior Steward

















Bro. Robert Scheeler, Marshall

Bro. Robert Salini, Junior Deacon





















Installing Officers:

Wor. Jim Campbell, Wor. David Haslim, Wor. Michael Allen














Past Masters. Worshipfuls all.