On May 7, 2013 at the Stated dinner and meeting, Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge was honored by the visit of two Brothers of other Lodges.  A very warm Hackett welcome was extended by all the Brothers.

William "JR" Knight, PM, Master, welcomes and thanks Worshipful Brother Mihai Florin Radulescu, current Master of The Honorable Lodge Bruderkette zur Starke und Schonheit, of Saarbrucken, Germany.  Forgive me if I am incorrect, but I believe the translation of the Lodge name is: "Brother Chain of Strength and Beauty".  As an interesting point, it turns out that Worshipful Radulescu lives only about an hour and a half from where Worshipful Knight was born and as a Professor and Doctor, he sometimes works in the hospital where "JR" was born.


Joining Worshipful Radulescu and Worshipful "JR" Knight, is Worshipful Brother Robert H. Siegel, 1973 Past Master of Southern California Lodge No. 529, in Playa del Rey, California.  Thank you Worshipfuls, it was a great pleasure to have you in our lodge and we hope you return soon.

Worshipful Dimiter Lyakov, PM, Secretary, poses with his Masonic Brother and new friend.  Worshipful Dimiter was born and lived in Bulgaria while Worshipful Radulescu was born and lived in the neighboring country of Romania.  During the stated dinner, and in thier converstaion they found that they both moved to Germany in the same year.  After which Worshipful Dimiter came to the United States.

Again, we sincerely thank both of our visitors for joining us in Brotherhood.