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Brethren  & Ladies:

As we are all aware the first half of the year has been very slow for us degree wise, which has been a disappointment.  However, things are about to pick up as can be seen by our June calendar.  We also anticipate an EA Degree July 21st, so we will need to pull together to be sure we exemplify our Masonic Degrees in S. W. Hackett usual style.

Our campout out at Shrine Camp June 6 and 7 is rapidly approaching and we look forward to the great eats and fun things planned. PM John Gamache will take the kids fishing; the Masters Treasure Hunt will be a lot of fun for the kids; Saturday's pot luck will feature hamburgers and hot dogs as well as surprise dishes brought buy all attending; and PM Dave Haslim will destroy all diets with his special flapjacks Sunday morning.

We will have a new twist and location for our annual picnic this year.  It will be held on August 2nd at Santee Lakes located on Lake 1, area A, which is on the far shore just opposite the entrance gate.  There is a $4 parking fee, so don't forget to bring a little cash.  Picnic benches are provided and the site has a large shade tree and is grass covered with ample parking.  Bring your own folding chairs.  I will have our trailer there so we will have access to the pool for six kids at a time and a water spray area for younger kids is near the picnic site.  There is also a video arcade and water craft for rent on Lake 5 Fishing licenses are not required for fishing, but a day pass must be purchased at the Park office located on the main entry road by Lake 5, $8 16 and older and $5 under 15. Hope to see all of you there, more information and plans to follow.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Clint Black, PM, Master



Memorial Day also was known as Decoration Day when first promulgated under General Order No.11, Grand Army of the Republic Headquarters on the 30th Day of May, 1868.  Part of that Order reads as follows:  "We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance.  All that the consecrated wealth and taste of the nation can add to their adornment and security is but a fitting tribute to the memory of her slain defenders.  Let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of reverent visitors and fond mourners.  Let no neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic.  If other eyes grow dull and other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remain in us.  Let us then at the appointed time, gather around their sacred remains, and garland the passionless mounds above them with the choicest flowers of springtime; Let us raise above them the dear flag they saved; Let us in solemn presence renew our pledge to aid and assist those whom they have left among us a sacred charge upon the Nations gratitude - the soldiers and sailors widows and orphans."

Memorial Day, as a name did not become more common in usage until after WWII, and was not declared the official name in Federal Law until 1967.  In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Bill, which moved three traditional holiday dates - Washington's Birthday combined as President's Day in February.  Veterans Day to October and Memorial Day to the last Monday in May.  This law took effect in 1971.  Veterans day was eventually changed back to its traditional date of November 11th.  Regretfully, most business no longer close in observance of Veterans Day.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Kyle Dau, PM, SW.


"Reflections From The Retreat" The Wardens Retreat now a month behind me I thought I might go back and follow up on suggestions made by the California Grand Lodge leaders.

It was recommended that all Brothers, their widows and children be advised of the important benefits available to them. Often when we call on a delinquent dues question we fail to impart to those who take the call the importance of keeping ones dues current if at all possible, or make sure that a distressed Brother is eligible for remittance of his dues in order to keep him and his family stay eligible for these benefits. When we make these calls we need to determine if help of any kind is needed and direct the contact to the proper resources.

If you are receiving our Trestleboard and have a parent or spouse who is in the hospital or unable to correspond to S. W. Hackett Lodge on their own, please recognize that his annual membership dues are not the principal object of our interest, the well being of our Brother and his family is! At the end of this article you will find the contact information necessary so your husband may have a Masonic Funeral ceremony he requested, or his widow may have access to the Masonic Home(s) facilities of the state in which they are residing should it become necessary for assisted living or more intensive care without fear of cost. If you know of a way to contact or communicate this important information to the wife. Child or caregiver of an -ailing Brother please be sure to take a moment to pick up telephone and do so, or contact one of the lodge officers with the contact information so they may be of assistance in getting the help and benefits available.

Finally, it was recommended to publish the Vision Statement of the future Worshipful Master (namely me, God willing), and I can only tell you what I wrote and read at the breakout session of the Junior Warden Retreat in Ontario. I simply reiterated the many fine and noble contributions of our little Lodge; namely the "Partnership in Education" program diligently fathered by our PM Jim Achenbach and furthered by his lady; The "Child ill" program championed by our great Secretary and PM John Gamache and his lady; Lodge participation in programs dedicated to active duty military like "Wounded Warriors" promoted by our Inspector and PM David Haslim and his lady, and so much more.

For me to add a new program would not improve upon that which we already do so well. Instead I would like to start communicating those important objectives to our existing membership, those in the community, and make that which we do understood and better attended.

And so my friends I exit by saying let your friends and acquaintances know that our mission is to make life better, that we care about our members and our community and we do something about it instead of talk about it, and invite them. to come and see for themselves if they care to.

For more information on MASONIC OUTREACH SERVICES visit, call toll free 888-466-3642 or email

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Steven Laurvick, Jr. Warden



Hi Ladies;

Hi Ladies, I hope every one of you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I felt so grateful to be with my husband, children, relatives and especially my mom. We had a lovely brunch at a totally overbooked restaurant, but we had a great time! My mom is almost 85 years old and I admire her to this day. She has been my best friend, my moral compass and always a strong and loving mother. Believe me, my three sisters and I were a handful growing up in the 60's. My mother, although working full time, always seemed to know what was best for us even if we didn't agree. I know how difficult and important it is to build strong and healthy minded children I owe this to my mother! I have not talked about my father, whom I loved with all my heart, but you will hear from me next month about dad.

You: are all welcome to email me about your own parents to be included in next month's article.

Upcoming is the S. W. Hackett Lodge picnic, scheduled for August 2, 2009 at Santee Lakes. Information and a sign up sheet for potluck will be passed around at the June and July Stated Meetings. The lakes are beautiful and we have reserved our own area. It will be a great place for the children in that they will be able to fish, play volleyball and romp in the playground. We also have access to the campground pool although it is a distance from the picnic area and children must be accompanied by adults. More information to come at the June Stated Meeting.

Until next month,


Your items of Masonic Education and general interest are always welcome and earnestly requested.  Just be sure to have them to me no later than June 28.  You may contact me by email or telephone 760-751-3469.

Fraternally, Dick Covert, PM Editor


Spinach salad
Baron of beef
BBQ chicken
Twice baked potatoes
Steamed broccoli
Assorted hot & cold beverages
Assorted rolls
Jumbo Cookies


PLEASE If you are not on the permanent dinner reservation list, call at least two days prior to a Stated Meeting.  We are always delighted to see you at Stated Meeting and dinner, but it can be difficult accommodating everyone who shows up without notice.  Cost of dinner is $12.00 each.  Brethren on the permanent list should call if they are unable to attend dinner.  Please remember also to keep us advised of address and telephone number changes.

Fraternally, John S. Gamache, PM,  Secretary


Wayne S. Handley
Born April 7, 1943
Yuma, AZ

Called From labor May 14,2009

Albert E. Weber
Born April 4, 1920
los Angeles, CA

Called From labor March 18, 2009

Frank l. Webber
Born July 18, 1920

Called From labor May 15, 2009

Soft and safe to thee our brothers
be thy resting place


Christopher Adams
David Haslim, PM

James Campbell, PM

Morgan Thompson

Joe Medeiros

                      Stephen Hannum
                      Dennis Stahr


                     Michael Allen, PM

                Wallace Mauck


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                Henry Marbott


50 Years

James Stanfield MM June 23, 1959 

45 Years

William R. Smith, PM MM June 19, 1964 

36 Years

Gerald Winstanley, PM MM June 5, 1973 

31 Years

Dennis Campbell MM June 29, 1978