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Brethren  & Ladies:


As February arrives, we look forward to the exciting programs ahead for 2010.  This month, besides a Master Mason Degree, we are having a very special program for all Lodge members.  On February 23rd. we will open in the Entered Apprentice Degree for an educational program open to all Masons.  This event kicks off my “Tuesday is Lodge Night” and “Traveling EA” programs.  Please plan to join us to support our newest Lodge members with these Lodge programs.

Kyle Dau, PM, WM


Brethren and Ladies;

My grandfather was a child of the Great Depression.  The oldest child of a northern Minnesota family, my great grandfather had Grandpa drop out of high school, gave him a ticket to Chicago in order that he might find work and send money back home to support his parents and siblings.  It was winter, and he arrived without enough to purchase a room.  He confided in my mother that as he wandered the cold Chicago streets unsuccessfully seeking shelter he was fairly certain he would fall asleep somewhere and not wake up.  My writing this is testimony y to his survival.  Turns out he was taken in by the Salvation Army, given a heavy jacket, a cot, a blanket, and a warm meal.  No questions were asked, he was not required to do anything in return.  So, when events prompt charitable giving, outside the realm of our Masonic Charities, without fear of wasted money, I give to the Salvation Army and hope you will too.

Our Sr. Deacon, JR Knight, PM has submitted a guest piece for this months Trestleboard and I yield the rest of my space for the beginning of his piece.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Steve Laurvick, SW


Brethren and Ladies;

The Entered Apprentice Degree may be the most important one in Masonry.  It introduces the initiate into this ancient and honorable fraternity.  The awe of this ceremony, often times, as all lodges have seen, can be overwhelming for the new Mason.  In some and all too many cases, this is sadly the only step that the candidate will take.  In this situation, not only do we lose the involvement of new Masons, but they also lose.  They miss the brotherhood, fellowship, education and philanthropy that are Masonry.  It is important for all of us as brothers to reach out to those who have not returned and see if there is something that we are missing in the way of support or the offering of direction.  Maybe we haven’t answered important questions they may have but are not sure who or how to ask.  I know some of the brothers have tried to contact and work with these Masons, and the results have, for the most part, been frustrating.  I have made a concerted effort to reach them again, but not to just encourage their attendance and involvement, but also to attempt to find their reasons for not returning.

Along with the desire of the Master, I too feel that it is important that we work to get our EAs excited about progressing, moving up and getting more involved in their lodge experiences.  Some of these EAs, as well as our Fellow Crafts that have not returned could even be good future officers in the lodge.  It has long been my desire to hold a lodge night for the EAs and FCs.  Many of the Past Masters and other Brothers have been great in volunteering to assist in an “EA and FC Night”.  With the approval of Wor. Dau, I have been contacting as many EAs and FCs as possible by phone and/or email to invite them to a meeting for them.  I have had some success and hopefully we will have many EAs and FCs in attendance.  In many cases, aside from their initiation, this will be their first time in the Lodge.  Every Brother is, of course, welcome and encouraged to attend to help us show our newest Masons the kind of support we are here to offer them.

On Tuesday, February 23rd, at 7:00PM, we will open the lodge on the first degree and have an evening of education as well as questions and answers for the new Masons.  This night will include the introduction of Worshipful Master Dau’s “Traveling EA” program that will facilitate the need for Master Masons to attend so that they may assist with their participation in this innovative program.  Their will be a dynamic guest lecturer with an exciting, informative and educational presentation on the “Mysteries of Freemasonry”, which will be acceptable for all Masons.  We will be discussing the many reasons to progress in the degrees and will hold an informal question and answer session.

We cordially invite and strongly encourage all Masons from all Lodges to attend.  We look forward to seeing you there.  For more information, questions or suggestions for program inclusions, please contact me at 858-538-6345 or email to:

Please mark this date on your calendar and try to attend.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Dennis Stahr, JW


Our newly appointed Jr. Deacon Michael Nolen, as well as our venerable Tiler appointee Sam Jones were unable to be present for their installation during our recent Installation of Officers, and, fates allowing, will be installed prior to our February Stated Meeting.



Bro. David Watson will present a lecture during and after our February Stated Meeting.  Bro. Watson’s lectures are always informative and interesting and he has been working hard on this one.  If you are unable to join us for Stated Meeting Dinner, come on down and sit in Lodge with us.  Lodge should open at 7:30 pm.  If you can make it for dinner and are not on the reservation list, call the Lodge office at 619-295-4420 and let our Bro. Secretary know.

James J. Achenbach, PM



We are taught, while standing on the first step in Masonry, that the form of the lodge is the furniture, lights and ornaments of the lodge.  We are also told that, by the cable tow we may be led away, without beholding the form thereof.  Hmm, really?  So we are to believe that the form we will miss out on are rows of old, low, uncomfortable theater seats, within a poorly lit room with poorly painted off white walls.  An old unused organ, covered by an old stained cover that doesn’t quite do the job.  Some decent lodge furniture and a couple of prints, one , my personal favorite, of Bro. George Washington hanging next to the rear door, that no matter how we try, we can’t get to stay straight.  Yeah, right.  So what’s the real deal?

As a student of Masonic Magic, I’d like to share another option.  First, notice our standing positions during the initiatory degree and then imagine you’re laying out a Sanctum Sanctorum.  That’s right; we effectively become the walls of the Holy of Holies.  For the next part, it helps if you can see auras, but here’s how it works.  With enough brothers present, our individual energies (auras) connect (we become one) and we collectively become an energy barrier, that’s why, when all is right, we can feel pressure between our outstretched hands as if we were smashing a balloon.  In addition, we are also creating a grounding effect, grounding out static from our surroundings. Now, picture what is going on at the center of us.  Our ancient brethren constructed the pyramids and temples with this same idea in mind, grounding our static energies to allow for an unobstructed, pure channel to the GAOTU.

So, if this is all true, and by the way I can prove the “theory” in a matter of minutes, then what is the true form of the lodge?  Here’s a hint.  The form has little to do with a building or the “stuff” in it.  To be sure, we can hold a lodge under a tree and have an incredible experience.  The form can be found in Patrick’s talent at the keyboard, I still remember the first time I heard Stairway to Heaven while watching the word taken up.  In the hard work the officers put in learning their lines to give their new brother the best degree they can.  In the third thing a new brother sees upon being brought from darkness, (the smiles of his new brothers lined up towards the east).  It’s found in that certain friendly grip.

Yep, you got it.  The true form of the lodge is YOU.

See you in Lodge Brother.

Magically and Fraternally,
JR Knight, PM



One cannot help but notice certain typical Masonic phrases in use in the vernacular of our culture, such as “are you on the level with me”, “it was a square deal” and “I was hoodwinked”, all accepted as Masonic phrases.  But how about “I was given the third degree by ------“?  This phrase relates to the period of religious inquisition that took place in Europe.  Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, noting the barbarity of methods employed to extract a confession of heresy, injected certain limits that could be applied in her realm, namely “The Three Degrees of The Question”.  These were hailed by secular and religious leaders as examples of Christian mercy of the period.  The first degree employed a device to break the bones of the thumb.  The second degree involved the burning of the skin by iron or candle.  A third degree was the Strappado or tying a persons arms behind his back and lifting by rope and pulley off the ground.  A person was considered innocent if he did not confess after the third degree.  Thus the import of being given the third degree.

Submitted by Clint Black, PM


Your items of Masonic Education and general interest are always welcome and earnestly requested.  Just be sure to have them to me no later than February 20th.  You may contact me by email or telephone 760-751-3469.

Fraternally, Dick Covert, PM Editor


Tossed Green Salad
Roast Pork
Honey Dijon Chicken
Potatoes Au Gratin
Zucchini and Squash
Assorted Rolls
Assorted Hot and Cold Drinks
Cherry Pie


PLEASE If you are not on the permanent dinner reservation list, call at least two days prior to a Stated Meeting.  We are always delighted to see you at Stated Meeting and dinner, but it can be difficult accommodating everyone who shows up without notice.  Cost of dinner is $12.00 each.  Brethren on the permanent list should call if they are unable to attend dinner.  Please remember also to keep us advised of address and telephone number changes.

A special note regarding dinner reservations is needed.  The lodge maintains a dinner reservation list in order to provide the caterer information on the number of attendees expected each month.  Several of those listed are not coming to dinner and are costing your lodge $12.00 for each dinner requested and not served.  Please take the time to ascertain if you are on the dinner list and cannot attend dinner so we may take that into consideration when ordering meals.  Equally difficult are those of us who come to dinner without informing the Secretary at least five days prior to the Stated Meeting so adequate notice can be provided to the caterer.

Fraternally, John S. Gamache, PM,  Secretary


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