On June 7, 2016, SW Hackett Lodge, once again, honored the Sequoia Elementary School Teacher of the Year as selected by Sequoia Elementary School, our Partner in Education.  This year, Ms. Debbie Harris was selected as the 2016 Teacher of the Year.  SW Hackett Lodge is very proud to assist in honoring her for her 31 year contribution to education.  She loves teaching and loves her students, who return that love.

Wor. Jim Achenbach, PM, thanks and introduces Principal Ryan Kissel and the Teacher of the Year, Debbie Harris.

Principal Ryan Kissel spoke of Debbie's many great qualities that made the decision to name her Teacher of the year for 2016 an easy one.

Debbie Harris spoke and thanked Principal Kissel, Wor. Achenbach and S.W. Hackett Lodge for this honor.
Ms. Harris has taught at Sequoia Elementary School for 31 years and taught in room 8 for 25 of those years.
Debbie will be retiring at the end of this school year and we all wish her well and thank her for her great contribution.

Worshipful John Fitch, Master, presents the certificate and the monetary award to Ms. Harris.

Debbie's husband could not attend the event, so escorting Ms, Harris was Mr. Gregory Roy (on the right) who was the Sequoia Teacher of the year, and honored by S.W. Hackett Lodge in 2009.  On the left are Janice and Rick Roy (no relation to Gregory).  Although this is, for sure, Debbie Harris' night, we must mention, and congratulate Janice Roy on being selected as, all of San Diego School District's, Classified Employee of the year for 2016.

A copy (before signing) of the certificate, presented to Ms. Debbie Harris.

~Thanks to all that attended~