-- Each year, SW Hackett honors a "Teacher of the Year" --

Update - Worshipful Jim Achenbach, PM, Chairman of the SW Hackett Lodge Partnership in Education program received a very nice thank you letter, (below) from Ms. Melinda Kelly, the 2013 Teacher of the year.

Hi Jim-

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the SW Hackett Lodge for the wonderful dinner last week, the framed certificate and the money gift. I thought that it was very generous and thoughtful. My family and I had a great evening! Dinner was delicious, the company was great, and everyone was so kind and thoughtful. I especially enjoyed speaking with some of your members at the end of the dinner. Several people came up to thank me for the work I do with kids in Special Ed. I think it's easy to forget how many families are blessed with the kids that we work with. It was nice to hear some of their stories. It was truly a great evening and helped me remember why I love this job so much!


Please pass on my thank you to the Lodge! Enjoy your summer!

Thank you,

Melinda Kelly


Educational Specialist


Sequoia Elementary


Ms. Melinda Kelly, Sequoia School and SW Hackett Lodge's 2013 Teacher of the Year.
Presented June 4, 2013

Mr. Ryan Kissel, Principal of Sequoia Elementary poses with the Teacher of the Year, Ms. Melinda Kelly before the dinner and celebration ceremony.

Melinda was born and raised in San Diego.  She attended the University of San Diego High School.  She graduated from SDSU with a BA in Psychology. and continued there to obtain her General and Special Education teaching credentials, Resource Specialist certificate, and Master's degree in Special Education.  She has been teaching in the San Diego Unified School District since 1994.  She has worked at several different schools, but has always worked in the area of Special Education.  She joined the Sequoia family in 2002.  Melinda and her husband have four children and in her spare time she and the family attend sporting events and enjoy camping, traveling out of town and spending time together as a family.

We at Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge join with Principal Ryan Kissel, her special students and Sequoia Elementary School in congratulating Melinda for her important work in Special Education for the betterment of  Sequoia school and the community as a whole.


Worshipful Jim Achenbach, PM, and Chairman of the Partnership in Education program for Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge sets the stage and explains, to the guests, the program and Hackett's involvement .  He then introduces the Principal of Sequoia Elementary School, Mr. Ryan Kissel.


Mr. Ryan Kissel, Principal of Sequoia Elementary
made a nice introduction speech and thanked
Ms. Kelly for her years of great service and
SW Hackett Lodge for their participation and presentation


Worshipful Achenbach, PM, congratulates Melinda and prepares for the presentations.


Worshipful William "JR" Knight, PM, Master, presents the certificate of award to Ms. Kelly.


Worshipful Jim Achenbach joins in the celebration and poses with the Teacher of the Year as Worshipful Knight presents the good stuff..... The monetary award.


The good looking family of the Teacher of the Year.  All in attendance had a good time and were proud to honor Ms. Kelly for her hard work in the field that she loves, with the students she loves and the students that love her.  Thank you very much Melinda.