-- Each year, SW Hackett honors a "Teacher of the Year" --

Ms. Shelly Foster, SW Hackett Lodge's Sequoia Teacher of the Year.

Shelly is a Kindergarten teacher at Sequioa Elementary School.
She has an extensive background in education and, from her
presentation, it is easy to tell her passion, devotion and commitment
to bettering the education of her students and helping them to form
a confident foundation for their years ahead.


Worshipful Master Steve Laurvick presenting Ms. Foster with the
award of acknowledgement of her great service to Sequoia
Elementary school and the community as a whole.


From left to right:  Wor. Jim Achenbach, PM, SW Hackett Lodge's leader in the
"Partner in Education" program;  Ryan Kessel, Principal of Sequoia Elementary;
Shelly Foster, Teacher of the Year; Wor. Steve Laurvick, Master of SW Hackett Lodge.


Not shown, but also attending this honored presentation are Ms. Shelly's husband
Mike, her Mother and her son.