On June 24th, 2017, SW Hackett lodge celebrated, with the age old tradition, a Table Lodge true to the way it was done 300 years ago.  It was a combined celebration of the 300 years of organized Masonry under the United Grand Lodge of England, the Summer Solstice and the Feast of Saint John the Baptist.

There were 18 Brothers in attendance.  We all enjoyed the fun and special celebration of this Table Lodge.


All the Brothers as the celebration begins.


The Brothers all thank the Ladies that served the wonderful seven courses and did such a great job.
Special thanks to Robin Knight for all her work as she prepared the gourmet food over several days.

Picture from the 2015 Table Lodge.
Worshipful William "JR" Knight, PM, was the organizer of the Table Lodge and again did a fantastic job.


The program that dates back 300 years and how the seating is done.

  We Brothers thank Wor. JR and wife Robin for all their planning
and hard work to present such an authentic and wonderful
Table Lodge for us....