On January 26, 2016, Brother Aleksei Sviridov was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft.  Brother Aleksei was obligated by Worshipful John Fitch, Master, who also gave the lecture.  The Middle Chamber lecture was beautifully delivered by Brother Dustin Capps, Senior Deacon, and Worshipful Dennis Stahr, PM, delivered the charge.

John Fitch, Master, congratulates Brother Sviridov on his preferment.


Worshipful Jim Achenbach, PM, Tiler, also congratulates his friend, Brother Sviridov.  NOTE: Since
I wasn't able to get a new picture of Brother Jim with Alex, here is the picture from Brother Sviridov's
Initial entry into Masonry.

The group pose of all that took part and most of the "sideliners".  Sincere thanks to all who attended and to
Brother Stefan Werkstetter, our visiting Brother.  Special thanks to Worshipful William Stokes, PM and Inspector of the 921st Masonic district for attending the degree.

And on to the refreshments, celebration and words of wisdom....

As with all our degrees, the refreshments following affords an opportunity for the Brothers to congratulate the new Fellowcraft
and offer words of wisdom while enjoying the fellowship.

Again, another important and fun night in the SW Hackett Lodge.

Looking forward to more degrees and growth of our great Lodge.