It was announced at the April 7th Stated Meeting Dinner that Wor. Steven E. Laurvick, PM, was selected to be honored as the recipient of the Hiram Award for 2015.  Recognizing his dedication to Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge and the craft, the Hiram Award committee knows that Brother Laurvick is deserving of this prestigious honor. To be chosen the Hiram Award recipient is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Mason, aside from being elected to, and serving as, the Master of his Lodge. 

Brother Laurvick was raised a Master Mason in September of 2003.  He has been very active in the Lodge even though his work causes him to travel between San Diego and Las Vegas, NV quite frequently.  He served S.W. Hackett Lodge as an officer from 2005 in its many "chairs" and served as its Master in 2011. 

The date of the celebration was May 30, 2015 and some pictures of the dinner and event are below.


Wor. Steven E. Laurvick, PM, Hiram Award recipient for 2015.



First came the award dinner which was fun and good food was on the menu

Steven's family and friends also joined in and were an important part of this event.

Time to relax and chat as the food is prepared.

The tables were full of Brothers, wives and friends.


Also joining in for this important evening and hidden behind the table decoration was Wor. William Stokes, PM, Inspector of the 921st Masonic District.

And, of course, the Honoree, Wor. Steve Laurvick, PM, with his lady Maria.

Now... On to the presentation and celebration...

Wor. Steve is conducted to the altar by Bro. Bob Scheeler, Marshal.

Wor. David Haslim, PM, as the Emcee presents the history of the Hiram Award and the biography of Wor. Laurvick.

Since Wor. James Campbell, PM and Hiram Award Honoree could not be present, the Wor. Robert Salini, Master, spoke for him at his request.

Wor. Steve's Mother, Elaine places the Hiram Award medallion on him.

Wor. Steve's daughter Andie, puts the Hiram pin on her father.

Then, Wor. Robert Salini, Master, presents the Hiram Certificate to the Honoree.


Wor. Steve poses with Wor. Haslim, who was the emcee for the evening and, as usual, did a perfect job.

Our Honoree speaks of his life, and thanks all involved in appointing him the recipient of this prestigious award
and making this such a memorable evening.

A proud and deserving Wor. Steve Laurvick, PM, displays the certificate as he wears the medallion and pin of a Hiram Honoree.

Norma, the first lady of the lodge presents flowers to the ladies in Wor. Steve's life.

Wor. Steve with his lady, mom and daughter.

Master Salini, his lady Norma, and Marti who helped (and always does) with this event.

A gathering of Hiram Honorees, and Past Masters all.

We were worried that the event may not be perfect, but... Whew!  When we get smiles like these
from Susie and John, (along with a Royal Flush), you know you did good...

  Wor. Steve sincerely thanks the award committee and all who attended
this special evening.