Sequoia Elementary School Spelling Bee
Sponsored by
S.W. Hackett Masonic Lodge
Thursday, May 26, 2016

On May
26, 2016, as every year, SW Hackett Lodge was well represented by various Brothers and ladies, at the Sequoia Elementary School, Spelling Bee.  Bro. John Fitch, Master, awarded the first, second and third place prizes to the two groups of contestants including the third grade together with the fourth grade then the fifth grade.  As stated last year, Mr. Kissel, the school’s Principal, introduced our Lodge and commended our participation.  He again mentioned that the monetary awards we hand out at the end of the evening are significant motivators for the entire school to study and prepare.

Although you are encouraged to support the Partnership in Education Program when you receive your dues notice, you are asked to contribute at any time.  Our Teacher of the Year Award night, food and presents during the holiday season, and sponsorship of the Spelling Bee are worthy and wonderful events.  The money used does not come out of Lodge funds – it is a separate account that is funded by the generosity of the Brethren.  Please consider donating today!

 Sincerely & Fraternally,
Bro Jim Achenbach, PM
Chairman, Public Schools Committee

Principal Ryan Kissel gets the Spelling Bee started.


The Judges are ready.


The Third and Fourth grade winners of the Bee.


Wor. John Fitch, Master, presents the cash prizes to the winners of the Third and Fourth grade group.

The Fifth grade winners of the Bee.


And, the Master presents the cash prizes to the winners of the Fifth grade group.

It was a good competition, all students worked hard and did a good job.  Here the proud winners smile and display their prize.

S. W. Hackett Lodge is so pleased to be involved with this program and the Master thanks Principal Kissel, Sequoia Elementary School and all the kids for a fun evening

And here is the Hackett group that attended the fun event.