On Tuesday evening, July 24th, 2012, we were proud and honored to pass our four new Fellow Crafts, Brothers Scottie McLain, Richard Derflinger, Anthony Knight and Charles Caskey.  Scottie and Anthony were obligated by Wor. JR Knight, PM, Senior Warden.  Rick and Chuck
were obligated by Bro. Ryan Bacaoco, Junior Warden.  Wor. JR Knight presented the Middle Chamber Lecture and Wor. Dennis Stahr gave the lecture.  Bro. Ryan Bacaoco delivered a perfect charge.

It was a fun and important evening as Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge set its own record of four passings in one evening and all the officers graciously assisted in this great event.



  Left to right - Brother Ryan Bacaoco, JW, and new Fellow Craft Brothers Rick Derflinger, Scottie McLain, Chuck Caskey and Anthony Knight.



  Left to right - Wor. JR Knight, PM, SW, and new Fellow Craft Brothers Rick Derflinger, Chuck Caskey, Scottie McLain and Anthony Knight.


  Wor. JR Knight, PM, SW, had the pleasure and pride of obligating is son Anthony to the degree of Fellow Craft.



  Shortly after being initiated Entered Apprentices, the three good Navy friends are proud and excited to be passed together as Fellow Craft Masons.


  The group enjoys the refreshments as well as the words of wisdom from Wor. JR Knight, PM.


  Some more of the officers that gave a lot to help our new Fellow Crafts advance in their Masonic journey.



  Ahhh, more words of wisdom as all listen intently.



  Wake up Rick!  No, not tired, just caught in the picture as he blinked..



  Special thanks to Wor. Steve Laurvick, PM who was ready to help and to our visiting Brethren who were willing to assist if necessary..  Not pictured here, Wor. Lee Plastik, PM, SW, East San Diego Lodge, Wor. Chris Quimpo, PM, and Wor. Gerry del Mar, Master of Amity Lodge.  Also Angel Salazar, JW, of Heartland Lodge.