Given the idea by a Brother that had seen this in the past, the current Master "ran" with it and on "move-up" night at the Stated Meeting on December 5, 2017, put the idea into play.  He spoke with the Past Masters in attendance and they all agreed this would be fun.

Then when Wor. Bob Salini, PM and incoming Master for 2018 took the East and opened the lodge, he invited all Masters and Past Masters to join him in the East.  Usually with this offer, there are no takers, but on this night it was pre-planned and with the invitation, ALL the Past Masters present took Wor. Salini up on his offer.  The look on his face was priceless and he laughed right along with the rest of us. 

  Someone then suggested a picture of this fun event.  So as not to be in violation of the Masonic code, (no picture taking in a tiled lodge), the Master called the lodge to refreshment and pictures were taken for posterity. 

Worshipfuls all:  William "JR" Knight, Michael Allen, Dave Haslim, Roger Parker, John Gamache, Gerry Lynn,
Master for 2018, to be installed December 9, 2017, (and Past Master) Bob Salini
John Fitch, Jim Achenbach, Dennis Stahr, Dick Covert, Clint Black and Dimiter Lyakov.