On this night, September 15, 2015, a hot and steamy night with a broken air conditioner in the lodge room, Brother Augustus Phiasivongsa was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  Brother Phiasivongsa was obligated by Worshipful David Haslim, PM.  Worshipful Michael Allen, PM, was in the East for the second section with Worshipful Jim Achenbach, PM, in the West.  The lecture was perfectly given by Worshipful Robert Salini, Master, and the charge was beautifully presented by Worshipful Gerald Winstanley, PM.  Even though some of the work was done without suit coats on, that did not deter or take away from the importance and fun of the evening.

Worshipful Robert Salini, Master, congratulates Brother Phiny.

Brother Phiny is congratulated by Worshipful Michael Allen, PM, who was in the East for the second half.

Brother Phiny poses with Worshipfuls Allen and Jim Achenbach, who is a good friend of our "new" Master Mason.

Brother Phiny stands in front of the East reflecting on the solemnity of the ceremony he just went through.

The traditional signing of the new Master Mason's Bible.


Brother Phiny poses with our wonderful visitors for the evening.  Left to right:  Worshipful Ron Chandler, PM, Brother Joe Mejia, Hackett Brother Phiny Phiasivongsa, Worshipful Angel Salazar, PM, Brother Ronald Mullins, Senior Warden, Worshipful William Stokes, PM, Inspector of the 921st Masonic District, and Felipe Cervantes, Chaplain.  All these visitors with the exception of Worshipful Stokes are from Heartland Lodge #576.  We had another visitor, not shown here, Brother Milt from a Maryland lodge.

Very special thank you to Brother Ronald Mullins.  He was gracious enough to assist us with the second second of the degree.