Brother Bryant was obligated by Wor. David Haslim, PM, the lecture was, as usual, wonderfully presented by Wor. John Gamache, PM and the charge with given with great inspiration by Wor. Gerald Winstanley, PM.












Bro. Bryant and Wor. Kyle Dau, PM, Master






































Question:  Is our Treasurer, Wor. Achenbach really charging for the Past Master's dinner or does he have other plans for the money?  The look on his face seems to say: "Rio, here I come".



















 Great turn out for a fun and really nice 3rd degree



















We were pleased and honored to have Wor. Anthony Bloodworth and Wor. John Haynes from Surfside Lodge #112 in Oceanside, CA



















We were also pleased and honored to have Wor. Abel Parra, PM, Master,  Wor. Mike Zdravkovic, PM and  Bro. Al Almazan (not pictured), from East San Diego Lodge #561.




















Wor. Ted Ketterer, PM and Wor. Jim Campbell, PM with a picture of the past. See close-up below.



























How about this from the '70s.  Wor. Jim Campbell, PM, Wor. Dick Covert, PM and Wor. Gilbert Haslim, PM (deceased)






















The Past Master's dinner was fun and full of stories