A great gathering occurred on April 11, 2015.... As it was the BBQ at the Master's house.

Brethren and their wives, friends and families came from miles around
to be part of this event... Well, at least some miles, and it was definitely
lots of fun.  The master and his lady hosted a great affair.

The master, in the white shirt ensured that everyone enjoyed themselves.

The food was wonderful with the hamburgers, chicken and sausages. 

Everyone brought a side dish to add to the great feast.

Stories were told and fun was shared.

Many gathered in the shade of the gazebo

One of Hackett's newest Brothers and his wife appeared to have a good time.

Along with our smiling Senior Warden (in orange), our world renowned Secretary

spoke a Masonic truth... "Masons love to eat.......Free"!

And we all look forward to the next time!