For his continual consideration as to what he can do to help improve the lodge and his willingness to accept any duty, Brother Robert Gale, was chosen as the Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge #574 Mason of the Year for 2016.  The award was presented on September 10th, 2016, by the Most Worshipful M. David Perry at the Grand Master's reception and Mason of the Year dinner.

Below are the pictures of the awards night presentation and all the honorees.

Most Worshipful M. David Perry, Grand Master of Masons in California


Our Honoree, Brother Robert "Bob" Gale, with his lovely wife.

 Most Worshipful Perry presents Brother Bob with the award with Worshipful John Crago III,
the organizer of this important event.

Worshipful John Fitch, Master, congratulates Brother Bob.

Big smiles from our Honoree Bob and Worshipful David Haslim, PM, Inspector at Large.

Past Master Worshipful Bob Salini, with Brother Bob and Worshipful John Fitch, Master.

 All the attending Brothers pose with Brother Bob.

And then, the pictures of the groups at the three tables of SW Hackett Lodge.

Below are the 2016 Masons of the Year for Division IX.