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Most Worshipful Larry L. Adamson
Grand Master, 2009

Below is the list of the Mason's of the Year with their Lodge names
and below that are the pictures of the reception of their awards

(To view the recommendations for all the Masons of the year, click here)

Patrick Wohlrabe, PM  -  San Diego Lodge No. 35
Andrew A. Apostol  -  Southwest Lodge No. 283
George W. Melious Silvergate Three Stars Lodge No. 296
Thomas Handell, PM  -  Consuelo Lodge No. 325
Daniel L. Spalding Oceanside San Dieguito Lodge No. 381
Robert Speegle  -  La Mesa Lodge No. 407
David Bean  -  Coronado Lodge No. 441
Gerald E. "Jerry" Del Mar  -  Amity Lodge No. 442
Christopher J. Moreno  -  La Jolla Lodge No. 518
David Chavez  -  East San Diego Lodge No. 561
Robert Smith, PM  -  S. W. Hackett Lodge No. 574
Cecil Jacobs, PM  -  Heartland Lodge No. 576
Dennis L. Spelts  -  Santa Maria Lodge No. 580
Steven Ward  -  Point Loma Lodge No. 620
Jay Vennebush  -  Chula Vista Lodge No. 626
Michael Merit  -  Unity Lodge No. 632
Tracy Labombard  -  John D. Spreckels Lodge No. 657
David Rathgeber  -  Vista Lodge No. 687
Adrian Lopez  -  Lemon Grove Lodge No. 736
Raelebba  -  Claude H. Morrison Lodge No. 747
A. Dale Bergen, PM  -  Joseph L. Shell Daylight Lodge No. 837
Shig Mashiko, PM  -  North County Daylight Lodge No. 843
Christopher Gunn  -  Black Mountain Lodge No. 845
Thomas I. “Ted" Jarrard, Jr., PM  -  Lux Lodge No. 846

(I apologize for some of the bad pictures.  I could make excuses like weak flash,
too far from the dais, used telephoto, etc. etc... But I won't)
I also apologize for not naming the pictures, but I don't personally know all of these "good men".