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Below are the full recommendation for
each of the Mason's of the Year

Gerald E. "Jerry" Del Mar  -  AMITY LODGE NO. 442

Jerry's willingness to help the Lodge in many ways is an inspiration to us all and he does it with pleasure to himself and honor to the fraternity. Amity Lodge is proud to name Brother Jerry as our Mason of the Year.  -  Christian P. Quirnpo, WM 


Christopher Gunn  -  BLACK MOUNTAIN LODGE NO. 845 

Chris's performance and dedication to the Lodge reflects his allegiance to the highest standards of Freemasonry. His work ethic and volunteerism within the Lodge is an example to all Masons. The things he does for our Lodge are too numerous to mention here. We are proud to have Chris as a member of our Lodge and to represent us as our Mason of the Year.  -  Jim Desquitado, WM 


Jay Vennebush  -  CHULA VISTA LODGE NO. 626 

During a very difficult period in the history of our lodge, Jay was able to maintain not only his own good spirits, but those of our candidates moving along in the midst of a lot of confusion. By his hard work, valuable candidates were able to resume their paths uninterrupted once the situation was improved. He continues to work hard with our newest members on behalf of the Fraternity. Thank you Jay.  -  Richard A. Dinsmore, WM 



Rael's handy-man skills have benefited not only the lodge but our brethren as well. He is always available to lend a hand to a brother who needs help and has responded to many calls from brethren requesting his electrical and mechanical expertise. We are proud to name Rael as our Mason of the Year.  -  Geraldo G. Rodriguez, WM 


Thomas Handell, PM  -  CONSUELO LODGE NO. 325 

Tom epitomizes the highest standard of friendship, fellowship, brotherly love and service to the Craft. He has demonstrated a willingness to serve, not only his individual Lodge, but Masonry in general through his conduct and actions during the preceding year. Tom is our choice for Mason of the Year in Consuelo Lodge.  - Bratislav Jovanovic, WM 


David Bean  -  CORONADO LODGE NO. 441 

Upon his return from a military deployment in June 2008, Brother Bean relentlessly spearheaded an extensive effort to improve and preserve the physical structure of Coronado Lodge. Extensive interior painting, new carpeting in the Lodge room, and upgraded electrical service have made the Lodge safer and more aesthetically pleasing. David is quite deserving of this honor.  -  Cesario Betita, WM 


David Chavez  -  EAST SAN DIEGO LODGE NO. 561 

David was the Building Manager of our Lodge until health reasons caused him to retire in May of this year. He always ensured that the building was well maintained and that event and 'facility business matters were handled successfully. For always answering the call to lend assistance with Lodge needs, Brother David Chavez has been chosen East San Diego's 2009 Mason of the Year.  -  Mihailo Zdravkovic, WM


Cecil Jacobs, PM  -  HEARTLAND LODGE NO. 576 

Cecil has been a Mason for 49 years. He regular attends the degrees, filling in when needed. He attends every Job's Daughter meeting and is an active member of the Eastern Star. He is a Past Master and his advice is always being sought by the officers of this Lodge whom Cecil will never hesitate to help.  -  Kevin A. Brabazon, WM


Tracy LaBombard  -  JOHN D. SPRECKELS LODGE NO. 657

Tracy served John D. Spreckels lodge as Marshal in 2008, and stepped up to Senior Deacon at the last minute for 2009. He has shown great proficiency and respect for our ritual, and has quickly become a leader in our lodge. He is well respected among the brethren and exemplifies the values of masonry in his daily life.  -  Chad 1. Snyder, WM



Besides serving as our Officer's Coach, Dale has filled stations when needed, given lectures in full form, taken on the office of Secretary and gives words of support and encouragement to the new officers. His commitment to the Lodge has not wavered during his recent illness.  -  La France Bragg, WM


Christopher J. Moreno  -  LA JOLLA LODGE NO. 518 

Chris is our Junior Warden and has always been ready to fill any position when asked.  His ability to learn the required work amazes us all. He is in charge of refreshments and always provides our members with a feast for every occasion. We are all honored and proud to have Bro. Moreno as our Mason of the Year.  -  Vahram G. Ovanessoff, WM


Robert Speegle  -  LA MESA LODGE NO. 407 

With the upcoming Centennial Celebration, Robert heads the committee in preparation of this historical event. He is documenting the long history of our lodge and preparing a Centennial History book for all to enjoy. His dedication to La Mesa Lodge is appreciated by me and all the members of our lodge. He is most deserving of this honor.  -  Michael Lambert, WM


Adrian Lopez  -  LEMON GROVE LODGE NO. 736 

Adrian's knowledge of his professional specialty, total dedication to Masonry and willingness to assist in any capacity has made him a valuable asset to our Lodge. His excellent attitude, even-tempered administration of his duties as the Lodge Marshall, and his outstanding professional character have earned him the respect of all. He is most worthy of our selection as Mason of the Year.  -  John V. Mamuyac, WM


Thomas I. "Ted" Jarrard, Jr., PM  -  LUX LODGE NO. 846 

Ted has been an integral part of Lux Lodge since it began as a dream in the minds of a few a half dozen years ago. He has attended virtually every meeting and function and participated fully therein. He has taken officer stations and ritual parts when his help was needed and he has never failed to acquit himself admirably. He is truly a Mason's Mason and our selection for Mason of the Year.  -  David Revels, WM



Shig has quietly became the "do it all" guy for our Lodge. Flowers magically appear on the luncheon tables. The morning coffee service has become Starbuck quality. The debris of the coffee klatch similarly disappears. The Lodge room set up is invariably completed well before the scheduled opening. And closing of the Lodge has become an all hands event in response to his leadership by example. He is one quiet Mason doing anything that is needed with no expectation of reward which sets an example for all.  -  James E. Mcindoe, WM



Dan is a 50 year member, a Hiram Award recipient and has been both Treasurer and Temple Board Manager of our Lodge for many years. He is the "GO TO" brother any time there are things to be done. We're proud to select Dan as our Mason of the Year.  -  John M Brooks, WM


Steven Ward  -  POINT LOMA LODGE NO. 620 

Steven is a very caring brother and promotes good will with all whom he comes in contact. Because of his work ethic, smile, and dedication, the members and their guests are always made to feel at home in our lodge. He is constantly dedicated to improving his Ritual and living up to the character that exemplifies a Mason. We are most proud to name him "Mason of the Year, 2009."  -  Lorenzo Provencio, WM


Robert Smith, PM  -  S. W. HACKETT LODGE NO. 574 

Bob has made his time available to any brother who might need a one on one assist with the ritual and still attends all formal lodge practices. He is also in the forefront of volunteers in support of lodge activities with his admired quiet dedication to the task at hand He is a well deserved Mason of the Year representing his Lodge and Masonry by example.  -  Ron Detzer, WM


Patrick Wohlrabe, PM  -  SAN DIEGO LODGE NO. 35 

Pat's term as Master for 2008 started earlier than expected when circumstances required him to act as Master during the last half of 2007. Through his leadership, Lodge membership increased significantly, social activities were revived, and planning for the future was initiated. He now serves as the Head Candidate's Coach and has worked tirelessly to educate and interest new brethren.  -  Randall L. Brill, WM


Dennis L. Spelts  -  SANTA MARIA LODGE NO. 580 

Dennis serves as an officer and is a member of several committees in our Lodge.  During the recent fire storms, Dennis checked on the properties and watered and fed the animals of his evacuated brothers on a daily basis. Also, he kept us informed of local conditions as they developed. Congratulations Brother Dennis.  -  A. Peter Krickhuhn, WM



George is always willing to assist our lodge as well as other lodges. His contributions, time, and commitment to Silvergate Three Stars Lodge and to the Temple Board is one of the primary reasons we are experiencing such an outstanding Masonic and Fraternal year in our lodge.  -  Romeo A. Quinto, WM


Andrew A. Apostol  -  SOUTHWEST LODGE NO. 283 

Andrew's culinary expertise, his distinct attitude in serving the lodge in other ways, and the professionalism he exemplifies are attributes to his well-meaning personality and thus makes him a worthy recipient of this award.  -  Clarito A. De Vera, WM


Michael Merit  -  UNITY LODGE NO. 632 

While assigned as Junior Steward, Michael took the time to learn the ritual for opening and obligating in all three degrees, making himself a valuable asset of the lodge. He assumed the lead role in this years District Ritual Competition and was instrumental in getting the members involved in this event. Michael is our Mason of the Year.  -  Dan Beagles, WM


David Rathgeber  -  VISTA LODGE NO. 687 

As our Senior Deacon, David has demonstrated the art of quality floor work and the oration of ritual which is given with sincerity and feeling. He is always willing to step up and assist in any way he can to make this lodge represent a lodge of true friendship and brotherly love and commitment to the community. David is a true gentleman, friend and brother.  -  Robert R. McLintock, WM