On October 30, 2012, Brother James Livingston became Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge's newest Entered Apprentice.  Brother Livingston was obligated an Entered Apprentice Mason by Brother Robert Salini, Senior Deacon who was in the East for the first time and did a wonderful job setting the tone for a beautiful degree.  Worshipful Clinton Black, PM, again delivered a beautiful lecture and Brother John Fitch, Junior Deacon, did a great delivery of the charge.

Our new Entered Apprentice, Brother Livingston with Brother Bob Salini, Senior Deacon.


Brother Livingston with Brother Salini, SD, and Worshipful Robert "Andy" Ashcraft, PM, who was the Junior Steward for his friends initiation.

Brother Livingston with Worshipful JR Knight, PM, Senior Warden, who was Brother Jim's guide as Senior Deacon for the initiation.

Brother Livingston with Brother Salini, Senior Deacon, Worshipful Dennis Stahr, Master, and Worshipful Andy Ashcraft, PM.

All had fun at the customary refreshment session after the degree, but Brother Mario appeared to be having most of it.

Worshipful Bob Smith, PM, Tiler and Officer's Coach congratulates Brother Livingston on his becoming a Mason and beginning his Masonic journey.

Ahh, words of wisdom and pizza, a combination that cannot be beat!

The fun, the food, and now the stories begin....

The last piece of pizza gone, the evening of celebration wraps up.