Mr. Jordan Helton is, as of April 15, 2014, Brother Jordan Helton as he is obligated an Entered Apprentice Mason in Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge.  Brother Helton was obligated an Entered Apprentice Mason by Brother John Fitch, Junior Warden.  Worshipful Clint Black, PM, delivered a great lecture and Worshipful David Haslim, PM, did a perfect delivery of the charge.

Brother John Fitch, Junior Warden, who was in the East for the degree, congratulates Brother Helton, S.W. Hackett's new Entered Apprentice.


Brother Helton is congratulated by Worshipful Ryan Bacaoco, Master.

Talk about a family affair... Brother Jordan poses with the family.  Left to right... Brother (and uncle) Sean McDade.... Brother (and father) Mark Helton.... and on the right is Brother (and grandfather) Dennis McDade.

The Brothers pose for the group shot.  Thanks to all our Hackett Brothers and special thanks to our visiting Brother, Chris Eaton from Fidelity Lodge.

And, now on to the refreshments, words of wisdom and story telling...

Relaxing after a great degree and important evening, Brother Jordan sits with Worshipful Ryan bacaoco, Master.

As the words of wisdom fly, some choose to just eat and tell stories.

The family and Worshipful Kyle Dau, PM listening intently while enjoying the nosh.

The Past Masters always work hard to make sure each candidate gets a great degree.

Once again, thanks to all the Brothers who make all the degrees fun and meaningful.