It was such a fun and important evening as Brothers John Manson, Joseph Amescua and Dustin Capps were obligated Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge's newest Entered Apprentices.  The fun began by having Worshipful Dick Covert, PM opening and obligating Brother Amescua.  Then the East was occupied by Brother Bob Salini, Junior Warden Elect, who obligated Brother Capps.  Then Brother Ryan Bacaoco, Senior Warden Elect, took the East and obligated Brother Manson.  We even had Worshipful David Haslim, PM, Inspector of the 921st Masonic district doing the work of the Senior Deacon... What a pleasure to watch.  Worshipful Clinton Black, PM, who always does a wonderful job on the 1st degree lecture, outdid himself with such a beautiful from the heart lecture and Brother John Fitch, Junior Deacon, delivered a great charge.

Our new Entered Apprentices from left to right:  Brother John Manson,
Brother Joseph Amescua and Brother Dustin Capps. 


Worshipful Dick Covert, PM, Brother Ryan Bacaoco, Senior Warden Elect, Brother John Manson, Brother Joseph Amescua, Brother Dustin Capps and Brother Robert Salini, Junior Warden Elect.


Worshipful Dick Covert, PM, with Brother Amescua.


Brother Robert Salini, Senior Deacon, with Brother Dustin Capps.


Brother Ryan Bacaoco, Junior Warden with Brother John Manson.

Brother Charles Caskey who was the Senior Steward for all three degrees poses with his Navy friend and now Masonic Brother, John Manson.  Now members of two great fraternities.

Brother Capps with his Grandfather-in-law, Brother Herbert Green

As the "after-degree" fun and refreshments begin, Worshipfuls Dick Covert and Clint Black start the story telling...

Brother Christian Rowden on the left with Worshipful Jim Achenbach, PM on the right join in the fun with our new Entered Apprentice Brother Amescua.

Brother Mario Urbino, who was the Junior Steward for all the degrees enjoys his sandwich as Brother Dustin tries to figure out what kind of sandwich is this anyway?

Brother Bob Salini and Brother Bob Scheeler looking none the worst for wear as the long evening with three initiations can be tough on all these, very giving, Brothers.

We have a visitor in the background on the right whose names I didn't get...Sorry.  In the foreground, Brother John Fitch, Junior Deacon on the left with Brother George Taylor, Master Elect of Heartland Lodge #576 on the right.  Brother Taylor is a frequent and very welcome visitor to SW Hackett and we all wish him the best in "his" year as Master in 2013....Thanks Brother George.

In the foreground is Worshipful Dimiter Lyakov, PM, Secretary.  Great guy, but don't tell him I said that.  Then, here is the best part!  I always seem to catch Worshipful David Haslim, PM, Inspector in the greatest of poses.  Gotta' know those sandwiches were good though.

Thanks once again to all the Brethren for their selfless continuing help as Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge continues to grow and set new records for membership growth in 2012!