Also on this night, Brother Jim Williams who did a tremendous job at Senior Deacon was honored for all the work he has done with and for SW Hackett Lodge.  Brother Jim is a Senior Chief in the Navy and he is now headed to Washington State to be assigned there and will also be reunited with his wife and two children.  Jim affiliated with SW Hackett last year and quickly, through hard work and determination, qualified for the Senior Deacon chair for this year.  His energy, attitude and great wit will truly be missed.  All his Brothers of SW Hackett wish him the very best.

I have to sincerely apologize for not having close-up pictures of the certificates.  However, at the bottom of this page are the "raw" certificates so that you can read the inscriptions.

Brother Jim was called to the East and the ceremonies began.


Brother Jim was honored as Mentor of the Year by Brother JR Knight, PM, Junior Warden.

Above and below  -  Brother Jim was honored by Wor. David Haslim, PM, Inspector and by Wor. Robert Smith, PM, Officer's Coach, as an Assistant Officer's Coach.  Brother Jim was always willing to assist other "officers-to-be" with their work to help them with the necessary knowledge and qualifications.

Below - Wor. David Haslim, PM, Inspector, Brother Jim Williams, Wor. Robert I. Smith, PM, Officer's Coach and Wor. Steven Laurvick, Master.


More honors as Brother Jim was presented a certificate for Assistant Candidate's Coach by Wor. Kent Dau, PM, Candidate's Coach.

Wor. Kent took it to an even higher level by presenting Brother Jim with a pair of red socks.  It has been a tradition of SW Hackett Lodge, at certain "visitations" to wear red socks.  Maybe Brother Jim can get that tradition started in his new lodge in Washington.

The final presentation to Brother Jim was a plaque from his SW Hackett Brothers presented by Wor. Steve Laurvick.  A picture of the plaque is below.

Brother Jim was a bit overwhelmed, but as a public speaker, he was, as one would expect, very gracious and appreciative.  Again, we will miss you Brother Jim.

The certificate inscriptions are below...

Mentor of the Year award

Assistant Officer's Coach certificate

Assistant Candidate's Coach certificate