The Hiram Award Committee informed the Master that Wor. William "JR" Knight, PM, was selected to be honored as the recipient of the Hiram Award for 2017.  Worshipful JR is truly a dedicated Mason and continually does all he can to keep Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge the very best Lodge there is.  Because of his continual work in all phases of Masonry and for showing true devotion to the craft, the Hiram Award committee selected Brother JR as deserving of this prestigious honor. To be chosen the Hiram Award recipient is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Mason, aside from being elected to, and serving as, the Master of his Lodge. 

Brother Knight was raised a Master Mason on October 22nd, 1993.  He has been active in the Lodge even though still working and sometimes long hours.  He served S.W. Hackett Lodge as an officer and was the Master in 2013.  He has also been the Master of Temecula/Catalina Lodge in 2002.  He is a proud member of the Invisible Lodge and is currently its International President and Upworthy Master.. 

The date of the celebration was May 13th, 2017 and many pictures of the event are below.


Wor. William "JR" Knight, PM, Hiram Award recipient for 2017.



The Master and Wor. David Haslim prepare for the ceremony.

The Master Wor. Dennis Stahr welcomes all who have joined in this celebration.

Wor. David Haslim, Senior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of California directs the Marshal to escort the Honoree and his Lady.

The Marshal, Wor. Bob Salini, PM, escorts Wor. JR and Robin into the Lodge.

Wor. Knight and Robin in the East.


Wor. Haslim explains the Hiram Award and then reads the Biography of our Honoree, Wor. JR.

Wor. Richard Bullard, PM, Inspector of the 921st Masonic District reads the letter from the Grand Master
and then presents the medallion, pin and certificate.

As the lovely Lady Robin "pins" JR, you can tell that he loves it.

Next came the Medallion and Wor. JR continues with his grin.

Wor. David Haslim, Senior Grand Deacon, presents the certificate of the Hiram Award.

Wor. JR  thanks the committee and all who came to attend and then he presented his remarks.

SW Hackett's First Lady, Ingrid, presents a beautiful flower arrangement to Lady Robin.

Robin thanks Ingrid, the lodge and all who were here to honor Wor. JR.

An important and a very fun evening as Wor. JR receives a much deserved Hiram Award.

As at each Hiram presentation, a gathering of the Hiram Honorees, and Past Masters all.