On October 18th, 2016,  Brother Horatio Johnson was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft.  Brother Johnson had a very good degree as he was obligated a Fellowcraft Mason by Worshipful William "JR" Knight, PM. who was in the East for the first half of the degree.  Worshipful Robert Salini, PM, presented a beautiful, flawless Middle Chamber lecture.  Worshipful Dennis Stahr, PM, was in the East for the second section and did a great job with a perfect lecture.  Worshipful John Fitch, Master, delivered the charge.

Worshipful "JR" Knight, PM, who was in the East for the degree congratulates Brother, Horatio Johnson.

Worshipful Robert Salini, PM, the Senior Deacon also congratulates Brother Johnson.

All the Brothers that took part in the degree and, on the left, Brother Christian Terry, our visitors from Ofallon Lodge #576 in Illinois honored us his attendance.

Thanks to all and, Brother Johnson, we all look forward to raising you as a Master Mason.