Wor. Dennis Stahr, Master,  Brother Ryan Bacaoco, JW, and Brother Robert Salini, SD had the pleasure and honor to visit Heartland Lodge #576 in El Cajon, CA, on Thursday night February 9th, 2012. 

They were given the usual warm brotherly welcomed by Wor. Ron Chandler and all the Brethren, and observed the passing to Fellow Craft, two Brothers:  Brother Joe De Mello and Brother Tracy Smith.   Brother Angel Salazar, JW, was in the East for the obligation of Brother De Mello and did a great job.  Brother George Taylor, SW, obligated Brother Smith and also did a great job.

Wor. Ron Kidwell, PM, gave a perfect Middle Chamber lecture
Bro. Gary Kauffman delivered a flawless charge.

Heartland's Officer line for 2012 lead by Wor. Ron Chandler, Master.
(This picture taken from their website)


Heartland's two newly passed Fellow Crafts.  Brothers Joe De Mello and Tracy Smith
with Brother Angel Salazar, JW.


Most of the group involved in the degrees.  Some of the Brothers
had to leave and are not pictured.

We thank Wor. Chandler and the rest of our Brothers for welcoming us and we look forward to visiting again later this month to be present for the raising of a Brother to the sublime degree of Master Mason.