Brothers Sean Greenberg and James Livingston were passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on February 12, 2013.  Both had great degrees.  Brother Livingston was obligated by Brother Ryan Bacaoco, Senior Warden and Brother Greenberg was obligated by Worshipful David Haslim, PM, who also delivered a perfect "Middle-Chamber" lecture.  Brother Bacaoco went "gavel-to-gavel" by delivering a great lecture, and Worshipful Haslim, PM delivered the charge.

Brother Livingston with Brother Ryan Bacaoco, SW, who obligated him a Fellow Craft Mason with a great degree.


Brother Greenberg poses with Worshipful Haslim, PM who obligated him a Fellow Craft Mason, also with a great degree.

Smiles all around as our new Fellow Crafts are proud and happy with their advancement in their Masonic journey.

Worshipful Andy Ashcraft, PM, congratulates his good friend, Brother James Livingston.

Brother Christian Rowden, Junior Steward, poses with Brother Jim, and his good friend, Brother Sean.  Also to mention here is that Brother Sean will be deploying to Bahrain very soon.  We will miss you Brother.  Stay safe and return to us soon!

As usual, really great degrees and now, of course, on to the refreshments.....

With the Master, Worshipful "JR" Knight, PM, sitting at the head of the table, all were getting their refreshments before offering the usual words of wisdom and encouragement.

Worshipful Knight and Haslim discuss the degrees and upcoming plans.

Worshipful Clint Black, PM, Head Candidate's Coach looks on as the Brothers, one-by-one, congratulate our new Fellow Craft Masons.