October 28th through the 30th of 2016 was the 167th Grand Lodge of California Annual Communications.
This year was especially important for S.W. Hackett Lodge as its own, Worshipful David Haslim
was installed as the Senior Grand Deacon.  Below are some pictures of the event as Amity Lodge's Past Master,
Worshipful John Heisner became the Grand Master of Masons in California for 2016-2017.

The officers for the 2016-2017 Grand Lodge year are ushered in to the lodge.

Installation of the appointed officer including S.W. Hackett's own, Worshipful David A. Haslim, PM, Senior Grand Deacon.

Worshipful John Heisner is invested with the jewel of his office

Invoking the blessing of God prior to the installation.

Proclamation is made by Worshipful James Karupus, PM and Grand Marshal. 

Worshipful John R. Heisner becomes Most Worshipful John R. Heisner, Grand Master of Masons in California.

Most Worshipful Heisner in the East for the first time and for the ensuing Grand Lodge year.

All the officers introduce their families.

The procession as the Grand Lodge officers leave the lodge.

Now, for the S.W. Hackett Brothers and the ladies; our Lodge Brother, two-time Past Master,
Past Officer's Coach, Past Inspector and current Inspector at Large and now
Also the Senior Grand Deacon for 2016-2017,

Worshipful David A. Haslim

Worshipful David standing for the introductions of family.

A picture at my request of Worshipful David in his Senior Grand Deacon position.

Rightfully proud Marti poses with husband David.

The Brothers that were able to make it to support Worshipful David in this important event.  Worshipful Steve Laurvick also made it, but was not
available for the picture.  Many other Brothers would loved to have been there, but for many reasons they couldn't make it.  Know
that they too, like all of us, are very proud of Worshipful David.