On this night, June 28, 2011, we were proud and honored to pass our three new Fellow Crafts, Brothers Robert Gale, Eric Kurzenberger and Tex Perry.  They were obligated by Bro. Dennis Stahr, Senior Warden, who also gave the lecture and Wor. David Haslim, PM, District Inspector, delivered the charge.

As an important side note:  We were pleased and honored this night with several first-time visitors and members of the Divan of the Al Bahr Shrine of San Diego.  I apologize that there are no pictures of them since several had other commitments and had to leave before the completion of this long but enjoyable evening.








Bro. Stahr, SW and Brothers Eric Kurzenberger, Steven "Tex" Perry and Robert Gale









Wor. Steve Laurvick, Master, with our newly passed Fellow Crafts, Brothers Eric Kurzenberger, Steven "Tex" Perry and Robert Gale

 Our newly passed fellow Crafts, Bro. Eric Kurzenberger, Bro. Robert Gale and Bro. Tex Perry.















Friends and Brothers, Bro. Jim Williams, SD and Brother Bob Gale.




















Wor. Bro. Jim Achenbach, PM, Treasurer congratulates his friend, Brother Eric Kurzenberger.













Wor. Bro. Jim Achenbach, PM, Treasurer with our new Brother Fellow Crafts.












Okay, so there is a bit bunch of a height difference,...but....hey....Gale..... remember whose wearing the Square.  I feel lost in a land of giants.
















Whoa...Chili-dogs... So, a good time was had by all






































The Master stands and speaks.. but is anyone listening?

















 Winding down after another great event of important and meaningful ritual and an overall enjoyable evening.