-----  EA & FC Night update -----

S.W. Hackett Lodge #574
1895 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, CA  92108

Phone: 619-295-4420

On February 23rd, 2010, S.W. Hackett Lodge #574 held “EA & FC Night": 

Sorry that I have no pictures from this fun and informative event, no real excuse, just forgot my camera. 

We were pleased to have, in attendance, a member of the California Grand Lodge, Wor. James Kurupas, a Past Master of La Mesa Lodge, #407 and the Assistant Grand Lecturer of Division 9.

By all accounts it was a successful event as we were able to welcome back into the lodge, seven of our Entered Apprentices who we have missed and were so happy to have them return.

We also had two visiting Master Masons from the Point Loma Lodge that appeared to enjoy the program.

We heard from Worshipful Master Kyle Dau about his innovative "Traveling EA" program.  Since our EAs were now in a tiled lodge with the Master Masons, these MMs can invite the EAs to go with them to attend other First Degree events in other lodges and can vouch for them.  This opens up new possibilities for the Entered Apprentice wishing to learn more, visit other lodges and progress on his journey. 

A real highlight of the evening was the presentation by Bro. David Watson.  (If you haven't attended at least one of his lectures, you are missing some real gold).  Bro. Watson  gave a PowerPoint presentation on some of the "mysteries of Masonry".  Each of his lectures are different and encompass all phases of Masonic history.  His esoteric information provokes the mind and encourages each person in attendance to seek more.  Worshipful Dau, presented Brother Watson with a certificate of appreciation for sharing his knowledge that has taken decades of dedicated research and thousands of miles traveled to glean.

We are working on other nights like this, maybe as early as the end of June, and along with Brother Watson, we hope to have other presenters that will make each of these sessions fun, educational, thought provoking and interesting.

Please let us know if you have some interest in attending upcoming events by contacting me at the above email address.  Also, contact me if you have ideas or suggestions that you think might improve or enhance these meetings.  Keep visiting our website, and check the calendar for the events, or send your email address and I will keep you informed personally.