Illustrious David Haslim, PM, inspector at large, and now the Valley of San Diego Scottish Rite Venerable Master for 2015. 

It was an important, fun and exciting occasion as SW Hackett's own Worshipful David Haslim, two-time Past Master, was, on January 14th, 2015, installed as the Venerable Master.


The dais, as everyone prepares for the fine dinner.



The incoming Venerable Master with his "better half" for sure...


Illustrious David Haslim, is installed as Venerable Master.

Along with Ill. David Haslim, and to his left, are the leaders of the other bodies: Chapter of Rose Croix, Wise Master Donald Heath, Council of Kadosh, Commander R. Davis Winesett, and Consistory, Master of Kadosh, Edward Jahn.

The newly installed Venerable Master prepares for his remarks.

The Master kept his remarks brief but was sure to thank all those involved with the event.

The outgoing officers receive their medals and certificates.

Ill. Haslim with his lovely wife receive congratulations from all who attended.

Illustrious Haslim poses with Illustrious Sir Dave Pirie, Potentate of Al Bahr Shrine of San Diego.