On April 11th, 2017, Worshipful David A. Haslim, Grand Senior Deacon, 2017, was honored with a reception at the Scottish Rite Center.
It was an important and fun evening well attended by 92 guests.  The guests included the Grand Master of Masons in California, The Most Worshipful John R. Heisner with his wife Margo.  Also in attendance was Past Grand Master, The Most Worshipful Melvyn B. Stein as well as several other Grand Lodge Officers.


The Master welcomes all to the reception

Worshipful Steve Laurvick, Chaplain, offers the invocation.

The young ladies of Bethel 40 that escorted the Grand Master and the Honoree.
Also, with them, on the left is Worshipful Chris Quimpo, PM, Associate Bethel Guardian and
on the right is Rachel Halladay, Grand Bethel Senior Princess and Past Honored Queen.

The Al Bahr Shrine Legion of Honor presented the Flag of our Country.

The Grand Master, Most Worshipful John Heisner, our Honoree, Worshipful David Haslim, Senior Grand Deacon
and the great turnout of all these 2016-2017 Grand Lodge Officers.

  The Grand Master and our Honoree chat before the dinner is served.

After the Master introduced some of the guests, Worshipful Richard W. Bullard,
Inspector of the 921st Masonic District continued the introductions.

Worshipful Bullard introduced Worshipful Thomas E. Colgan, Assistant Grand Lecturer of Division IX
who introduced the Grand Lodge Officers and Most Worshipful Melvyn B. Stein, Past Grand Master.

Most Worshipful Melvyn B. Stein, Past Grand Master, presented the Grand Master.

Our Grand Master, The Most Worshipful John R. Heisner addressed the Brethren and guests.

The Master read the biography of our Honoree, Worshipful David A. Haslim, Senior Grand Deacon,
and then Worshipful Dave presented his remarks.

The Master presents the gift of a bracelet from the Hackett Lodge to Lady Marty.

The Master then presented a double pen set from Hackett Lodge to Worshipful Haslim.

The Master then presented a gift to Lady Margo, the first Lady of Masons in California and a check from Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge
to Most Worshipful Heisner for his chosen charities.

The Grand Master presented Worshipful Haslim with a gift of one of the Masonic books he authored.

Worshipful David and Lady Marty with family.

A look at the great turnout that came to honor Worshipful Haslim.

The Honorees Table with the Grand Master, Margo and Marty with Worshipful Dave.

The other side of the Honorees Table with Sharon Bullard, Worshipful Richard Bullard,
The Master of the Lodge Worshipful Dennis Stahr with his wife Ingrid.

~~~ And below, a closer look at some of the table and wonderful Brethren, Ladies and friends that attended ~~~

The Most Worshipful John R. Heisner, Grand Master with the Master of SW Hackett Lodge, Worshipful Dennis P. Stahr
and our honoree, Worshipful David A. Haslim, Senior Grand Deacon.

Finally and certainly the sweet topping to a very important evening,
Worshipful Dave and Marty present the cake.

Worshipful Jim Achenbach, PM, Tiler with his lovely wife Lisa.
Jim took a bunch of the pictures you see here and I thank him for doing such a great job!

Also, another very special thanks to all who helped me with this special and wonderful event!
I must add a special thanks to Worshipful Bob Salini and Worshipful "JR" Knight for assisting with the check-ins.