On this night, July 10th, 2012, Brother Charles "Chuck" Caskey was obligated an Entered Apprentice Mason, by Brother Ryan Bacaoco, Junior Warden.  Worshipful Clinton Black, PM, delivered another great "from the heart" lecture and Brother John Fitch, Junior Deacon, did a nice delivery of the charge.

Our new Entered Apprentice, Brother Charles Caskey with Brother Ryan Bacaoco, Junior warden, who did another nearly flawless obligation from the East.


Brother Chuck is proud and excited to be a Mason.


 To make the degree even more special, the Stewards for Chuck's degree were
his friends and Navy buddies who were just initiated on June 20, 2012.
Bro. Rick Derflinger (left) and Bro. Scottie McLain (right).  And,
with excellent practice from Wor. Bob Smith, PM, Officer's Coach,
They did a great job.


At the refreshments, Bro Rick congratulates his new Brother
and offers him some great advice.


Brother Bob Salini, SD, also welcomes Bro. Chuck and encourages
him to pursue his Masonic journey.


Worshipfuls and new Brothers celebrated this great event.



Thanks to the many Brothers who visited us for the degree and celebration.
Wor. Quimpo, PM, in front assisted us by being the Chaplain for the degree
and did a wonderful job...Can't thank you enough Brother Chris!