On the morning of January 27, 2018, Worshipful Robert Salini, PM, Master of SW Hackett Lodge was also installed as the Commander of Al Bahr Shrine's Legion of Honor.  The installation was relaxed and well done.  The program and some pictures of the event are below.  We all congratulate Wor. Bob and know that because of his dedication he is a real asset to the Legion of Honor and will be a good Commander of the unit.


Wor. Robert Salini, 2018 Commander of Al Bahr Shrine Legion of Honor.



Wor. Christopher Gunn, outgoing Commander of the Legion of Honor.

Wor. Salini is installed and congratulated by Brother Donald Heath, PC,  Installing Officer.

The Elected Officers for 2018.  From left to right:

Henry Marbot, PC, Financial Officer; Tony Albright, PC, Adjutant/Quartermaster; John Gowen, 2nd Lt. Commander; Bruce Smith, 1st Lt. Commander