On February 7th, at our Stated dinner and meeting, Brother Alec Sklepic, Junior Warden of Lodge Coeur de Lion - Narooma #84, honored us with a visit from his home in New South Wales.  It was a pleasure welcoming him and we all hope he will return again soon, and that any of the Brothers of Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge that may find themselves heading to Australia will visit him and his Lodge.

The Master welcomes Brother Alec.



Here is his email to us at the Samuel Warren Hackett Lodge:

WM Stahr,

Visitation has been described as a landmark of the order, giving every mason who goes about visiting, a greater understanding of the Craft.  It has been said, that a visitor gets a greater reward by visiting, than the lodges he visits.  Truly I can say, I have received a great reward through the warm welcome and generosity of your lodge.

Thank you once again for allowing me to visit and I hope to return one day. Please find attached pictures as promised.

All the very best for your future and the future of your lodge.

Kind Regards

Bro. Alec Sklepic JW
Lodge Coeur de Lion - Narooma #84