The 2018 installation of officers for SW Hackett Lodge was important, fun and, as always, very professionally done.
Our Installing Officer this year was our own, Worshipful Dave Haslim, PM, Inspector at large for division IX.  He has been the Installing Officer at many installations and they are always wonderfully done. 

You've seen the pictures of the officers that were installed, now for some pictures of the installation.

Inspector of the 921st Masonic District, Worshipful Richard Bullard, PM, and his wife Sharon

Worshipful Dennis Stahr, outgoing Master welcomes all.

Worshipful Dave Haslim, PM, Installing Officer instructs
Worshipful Michael Allen, PM, to usher the officers into the lodge room.

The officers to be installed enter the lodge room.

The Al Bahr Shrine Legion of Honor present the flag of our country.

Worshipful James Achenbach, PM, Tiler is installed.

Brother Mario Urbino and Brother Horatio Johnson, Stewards are installed.

Brother Robert Scheeler, Marshal is installed.

Brother Stefan Werkstetter and Brother Robert Gale, Deacons are installed.

Brother Benjamin Pulido, Chaplain is installed.

Worshipful Dimiter Lyakov, PM, Secretary is installed.

Brother David Casper, Treasurer is installed.

Worshipful John Fitch, PM, Junior Warden is installed.

Worshipful William "JR" Knight, Senior Warden is installed.

Worshipful Robert Salini, PM, Incoming Master is presented for installation.

Perambulation of the Master.

Worshipful Haslim presents the gavel to the new Master.

Worshipful Michael Allen, makes proclamation.

The Master's remarks

The wonderful ladies, the "better halves" of the officers of the lodge.

The Al Bahr Shrine Legion of Honor members that presented the colors.

Now for some Presentations....

Gifts exchanged between the new Master and his beautiful lady.

The First Lady of the Lodge, presents a gift basket and a beautiful
gift to the outgoing first lady of the Lodge, Ingrid Stahr.

Gifts for Marti Haslim, Judy Black, and Suzie Gale, the ladies who are always so helpful.

The outgoing Master congratulates and welcomes the incoming Master
Worshipful Bob Salini, PM.

Thank you all very much and we will see you again
next year same date, same time.