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Dennis Stahr, PM, Master, and his wife Ingrid

Benjamin Bridges, Senior Warden, and his wife Jeanne.

Robert Salini, PM, Junior Warden, and his fiancÚ Norma.

David Casper, Treasurer.

Dimiter Lyakov, PM, Secretary and wife Mary.

Steve Laurvick, PM, Chaplain and his mom Elaine and his lady Maria.

Stefan Werkstetter, Junior Deacon.

Robert Scheeler, Marshal.

Jason Bockerman, Senior Steward and his wife Judy and baby Victoria.

Robert Gale, Junior Steward and wife Suzanne.

William "JR" Knight, PM, Organist.

James Achenbach, PM, Tiler.

So many Past Masters and more to come.

The wonderful ladies of the lodge who support their men in their Masonic journey.

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