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                                                                                        William "JR" Knight, Master                                      Worshipful "JR" and his lovely wife


Brother Ryan Bacaoco, SW, and his wife                    Brother Robert Salini, JW, and his lady                  Wor. Dimiter Lyakov, Secretary, and his wife



    Bro. John Fitch, Senior Deacon with his wife.         Bro. Charles Caskey, Junior Deacon          Bro. Robert Scheeler, Marshal



          Bro. Richard Derflinger, Senior Steward           Bro. Christian Rowden, Junior Steward




































The Stewards receive their rods



The Deacons receive their rods



Wor. Robert Smith, PM, Tiler, Officer's Coach, with his Wife













        Master of Ceremonies:  Wor. Michael Allen, PM       

  Installing Officer:  Wor. Gerald Winstanley, PM

    Installing Chaplain:  Wor. Dick Covert, PM,














Past Masters. Worshipfuls all.