On September 7th, the fun began.  Thanks to Wor. Clint Black, who has overseen the planning and details of this fun weekend for several years, it was a major success.  Wor. Clint's wonderful wife, as well as Wor. Haslim and his lady, worked very hard, as usual, to see that SW Hackett Lodge had a truly fun camp out. It all began on Friday and the good times went through breakfast on Sunday morning.  Must have been good for all that attended since I have heard no complaints and the Shrine Camp weekend has already been planned for September 13th through the 15th of 2013.

Below are just a few of the pictures from the Shrine Camp in the Laguna mountains.

The welcoming sign as we entered.

The first two arrivals came on Thursday bringing their homes with them.

A look through a part of the camp toward a spectacular view.

A part of the view from the camp toward the desert.

  Relaxing, chatting and enjoying the view and the mountain air.

Others came to the porch to enjoy the view and the great company.

Cabin #4 and the playground area.

Cabins #5 and 6, neat, modern and comfortable cabins made the stay very nice.

A few of the Brothers telling lies and stories, no doubt.


Cabin #4, the center of the party group...lots of fun.

The Potentate's Cabin was also in use, ah the luxury..

Why walk when you can travel in style... on the Humvee?

Preparing Friday dinner on the tailgate...Why not?

The beautiful wives awaiting that "tailgate" dinner.

Saturday lunch preparations in full swing with the supervisor looking on.

Hard at work with what looks like another supervisor doing "oversight".

Waiting for lunch, and all are hungry.

Just some of the great food that was brought by those who attended.

Some ate inside and enjoyed the food and friendship.

Others gathered outside, but everyone went well fed and enjoyed it.

After the great lunch, Wor. Clint Black, as in past years, held his "golden stake" treasure hunt for the kids of all ages.  Armed with vague clues, they struck out in search of the golden stakes.  The hunt covered almost a mile, but the kids were really smart and completed the search in record time.  Then came the time for the prizes.  The Master was the luck one to be able to reward the kids with their well deserved prizes.

Only one of the eight was missing from this picture, being camera shy, but we caught him later and proud of his prize he was, as he showed off the cash below.  Congratulations to all, and we'll see you next year.

This was a very good time for all, and we sure look forward to next year.  The friendship, fellowship, good food and the Laguna Mountains really all added to the fun.  If you weren't, or couldn't be part of this years SW Hackett's Al Bahr Shrine Camp visit, you really must try to be there next time.